Marvel Legends Captain America: The Winter Soldier Figures Review


Once the time rolls around when a certain comic book movie is about to come out in theaters everywhere, of course the ads start to show up on TV, more posters might start to roll around, fans are starting to wear the t-shirts more, people may go to their nearest library or bookstore and take out books based on that movie, etc. One thing that is very important to me is definitely the action figures.

When I buy an action figure now as opposed to when I did when I was a kid, clearly there are a few differences. One massive difference is price. A $20 toy now cost me no more than maybe about $6 when I was younger, but I still buy my figures, and if I need to pay $20, I want my money’s worth.

The Marvel Legends line has been a familiar name but is making a kick-start back on the market with killer toys. So the Captain America: The Winter Soldier toys started to come to stores that sell toys, and the first piece of advice is to try to buy them at Target, as the price is $17.99 rather than Toys R Us, whose list price is $24.99. The unfortunate thing that we may need to clarify is that Toys R Us is probably your best bet for finding all of the figures you want to look for, but the shipments come small and limited. According to the manager of my local Toys R Us, each shipment comes with two Captain Americas in his movie outfit, one Black Widow, and one Winter Soldier figure, therefore it’s very limited.

So what you’re wondering is probably if it’s even worth the money and search. I can tell you that I can compare it to buried treasure — they are worth the time to search and search for until you find them. Why? Lets start with the Captain America figure. The first thing I can tell you about this figure is that I was more than happy with the size Marvel Legends kept, rather than the small ones they now sell. The Cap figure comes with two, easy to switch-off heads (one with Cap’s helmet and the other of just his regular face ), two extra hands (the right hand open and the left pointing), and the right leg of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Mandroid . Wow! The detail is perfect, as they modeled this figure to look almost identical to Chris Evans.

I haven’t been this satisfied with a hero toy in size and detail since the figures based on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. The only thing that irritated me when I opened the box to this figure was that the shield design was terrible. I don’t expect to be able to keep it in his arm, as it always falls out with the smallest movements. I even tried switching the hands to maybe be able to slip the hand fully into the other strap, but that didn’t work either. I came to the outcome that this toy was just not meant to be played with as a full-out action figure. On the plus side, the increase in size compared to other recent Marvel figures means more detail, such as the small silver American flag on Cap’s shoulder, the ‘Rogers’ name tag under the flag, the star chest design, the ‘A’ on the front of his helmet, etc. This toy proved it to me. Check out the pictures taken below:

I haven’t been able to find the Black Widow figure even though I’m dying to, but I did, however, get my hands on the Winter Soldier figure — and I love it just as much as I do the Cap figure. The Winter Soldier figure comes with the left leg needed to build the S.H.I.E.L.D. Mandroid, another easy to put-on head without his mask on, and of course, his sniper rifle.  Once again, the amount of detail thrown into this figure is incredible! Winter Soldier’s arm has every etch, and the perfect kind of silver paint for the arm to have the heavy metallic illusion leading up to the shoulder with the red star showing. Just like in the movie, his suit has a basic, almost G.I. Joe feel with a combat belt, vest, and boots that really show off the detail. Check it out for yourself with these pictures:

So personally I rate these things as a buy for collectors of comic books, movies or both, especially if you are looking to buy any figures from the movies to go with these as they’re worth every dollar I know I can’t wait to get my hands on the Black Widow.