Batman Link: Jim Lee, Kevin Conroy Talk Bat-Memories


Comic Book resources sat down with DC co-publisher Jim Lee, infamous Batman voice-over artist Kevin Conroy and writer Ralph Garman to talk about their fondest memories of the World’s Greatest Detective.

From CBR:

"Conroy’s earliest memory of the Caped Crusader leads back to the ’60s ABC television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. “I think my favorite memory was the villains on it,” he said. With a rotating cast of rogues including Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, Cesar Romero as the Joker, Julie Newmar (and later Eartha Kitt) as Catwoman and Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, the program cemented the top tier of Batman foes in Conroy’s young mind. “The actors they got on that show! You think about who those actors were. It was incredible to be exposed to that as a child. It was very fertile imagination territory for me as a kid.”"

Ralph Garman will co-write Batman 66 Meets the Green Hornet with Kevin Smith and had this to say:

"“DC had to fight so hard to get that image of Batman out of people’s heads,” he explained. “I don’t blame them. It must’ve been frustrating to do something fresh and new with this character, but [the Adam West Batman] had such a huge impact on pop culture that you’re fighting it the whole time.”"

I completely understand that sentiment. Just like in an editorial I wrote earlier, I tried very hard to make people think of later incarnations of Batman when I was a kid. Maybe enough time has passed where we can finally revisit it in context and enjoy it for what it is.

You can check out the whole article here.