BJ Novak talks Alistair Smythe in Amazing Spider-Man 2


Alistair Smythe

BJ Novak rose to fame as Ryan from ‘The Office’. The American one, not the original and better British one we had over here in the UK. However Novak’s latest blockbuster role as Alistair Smythe in Amazing Spider-Man 2 does have a few uncanny resemblances to the role that got Novak noticed.

He tells “I did find some overlap, unfortunately, that I could draw on, (Ryan) was also sort of drunk on power at a very young age, and I think that’s the story of this character I play here.” Those that have seen the film will have no trouble comparing overzealous jerk Alistair Smythe to overzealous jerk Ryan from The Office.

However the more humourous moment in Novak’s talk with was his deadpanned “You could not have made the movie without my role” obviouslly referring to the fact Smythe appeared as more of an easter-egg than a neccessary character and had relatively little screen-time, similar to Felicity Jone’s appearance as Felicia.

However I would argue, like have, that whilst Smythe’s role was limited in the film that it was crucial in really selling Max Dillon’s misfortunes and helped flesh out the character that would soon become Electro. Smythe’s apparent bullying of Electro, forcing him to work on his birthday came just before the electric eel accident and so in a way he is responsible for the creation of the film’s main villain. So there you go BJ Novak we couldn’t have had Amazing Spider-Man 2 without you.

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