English politician spoils Amazing Spider-Man 2 ending on Twitter


A still from the Super Bowl trailer showing the final climax of Amazing Spider-Man 2

To be honest, I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else, but it’s nice to be able to write/read about a politician’s gaffe and not be appalled or shocked on a fundamental level. Don’t get me wrong I’m still appalled and shocked that a politician has spoiled the shock-twist in Amazing Spider-Man 2 but not on an ‘And these people are running my country’ level.

But Labour MP Tom Watson is in a tangled web of outrage following an ill-judged Twitter message giving away the climax of the film. For those of you that haven’t seen the film yet I’d suggest that you stop reading now. But if you have seen the film then you’ll probably be able to guess what I’m about to talk about. Spoilers ahead people.


That’s right Tom gave away the death of Gwen Stacy on Twitter leading to several of his followers tweeting back angrily, with one person. according to the Guardian. reportedly writing “I would have thought that even MPs would get the concept of spoilers. That was completely *****ish.” He’s since deleted the tweet

Whilst this particular ‘twist’ was obvious to some there will be millions of people out there that don’t read the comics, or the internet and would have been utterly shocked by the death of Emma Stone’s love interest for Spider-Man. To be honest I knew it was coming and I was still rendered speechless following that thud. *shudders*

Just goes to show that when it comes to the Web Slinger, you should be careful on the web.

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