See the moment Spider-Man meets Max Dillon/Electro


Spider-Man meets Max Dillon

Jamie Foxx’s Electro is a fantastic addition to the film but we get a glimpse of his civilian alterego way before we see him as Electro. In fact in the film’s first few minutes we see Spider-Man sweeping a bumbling Max Dillon out of a marauding car’s way. Spidey then picks the socially awkward Dillon up, reads his name from his name badge, much to Max’s surprise, and then tells him ‘you’re my eyes and ears’.

In this scene you get a real sense that Dillon’s character is somewhat of a social outcast and will be a tragic character suddenly thrust into the world of being a super-villain with as much power as Electro does.  Whilst I did think that Dillon’s arc in the film was slightly rushed I thought that he was a fully developed and complicated character, which is good!

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive video and here it is below.

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