Do Thor And Loki Have A Sister?


Prior to this week, I would have felt pretty confident saying Thor did not have a sister.The Marvel Comics Database entry for the God of Thunder has a very detailed listing of family members, even going so far as to include alleged relatives, and there are no signs of any female siblings.

With that in mind, then, it’s hard to know exactly what to make of this:

Some of the Original Sin teaser images have been pretty vague, but this one appears to be an exception. There’s not even a bible verse, it’s just flat-out telling us about a scorned sister.

Now it doesn’t have to be a sister to Thor and Loki, but the press release it was attached to made it clear that those two Asgardian gentlemen were the subject of the image. Notice they look pretty taken aback by the figure in the middle, whoever she might be, while Odin doesn’t look all that surprised. Perhaps he’s always known the truth …

It’s certainly keeping in line with what we know and what has been rumored about Original Sin to have a secret this personal. The big question would be whether this sister is someone we’ve seen before or a brand new character. With the gods and the often having some pretty tangled branches on their family trees, it could be either one.

One thing is clear: someone might have to change that Thor wiki entry in July.