IGN Analysis of Batman Assault on Arkham Trailer


Greetings readers, today I bring you an analysis of ‘Batman Assault on Arkham’ by IGN team members Greg Miller and Steve Butts.  See the first trailer for ‘Assault on Arkham’ here.  Assault on Arkham is a film prequel to the video game Batman Arkham Origins, set two years before the events of the video game. The video analysis is below:

So it sounds like the DVD of ‘Son of Batman’ will include a special feature that will give us a pretty good look at ‘Assault on Arkham’ much like ‘Justice League War’ had for ‘Son of Batman’. It sounds awesome to me, but then most DC animated films are awesome. I’m looking  forward to seeing the feature when I finally get my hands on ‘Son of Batman’. According to Greg and Steve DC Animation cannot use the term Suicide in the film hence the name Task Force X, because its not appropriate for children. They do note however that DC is trying to make it clear that the task force is  the Suicide Squad by really pushing the world suicide on us in the trailer and in the feature on the ‘Son of Batman’ DVD. Caped Crusades will be here with an update as soon as more information on ‘Assault on Arkham’ becomes available, and for all your Batman news!

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