‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’ Spidey suit now in Smithsonian Museum


Reeve Carney’s iconic Spider-Man suit from Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

The hit musical that swung into Broadway for two years and showcased some of the craziest moments in musical theatre whilst Spidey battled Green Goblin and the Sinister Six by swinging over the audience may now have left Broadway, but Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has earned its place in history.

Reeve Carney’s iconic Broadway Spider-suit has been given a lifetime encore and will join permanent collections in the National Museum of American History in May. “It’s so iconic in the way it looks,” says Dwight Bowers, the museum’s curator of culture and the arts. “People will immediately recognize it.”

Whilst the drama on-stage was thrilling with Spider-Man facing off against Arachne, Green Goblin, the Sinister Six and other villains whilst trying to maintain a relationship with Mary Jane, the drama offstage was perhaps more dramatic. There were record losses of profits, lawsuits from fired director Julie Taymor and injured actors everywhere

Whilst the suit will be alongside other superhero artefacts sometime later this year, the musical will not be sat on the shelf collecting dust as it will be reopening in Las Vegas where it will be hoping to start anew and leave all of the drama that has bogged it down behind!

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