Andrew Garfield hates Spider-Man spoilers, Sony don’t.


Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Spoilers are the bane of every person who has ever considered themselves as part of a fandom. I consider myself in several fandoms and I have forced by angry wrath upon those that have ruined Doctor Who or Sherlock or Game of Thrones. However I also write a news website for Spider-Man and it gets increasingly harder to post ‘news’ without at least spoiling certain bits of a film or a comic book or something Spider-Man related. So when it comes to spoilers I am very conflicted.

However one person who definitely knows how he feels about spoilers is Spider-Man himself, Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 star, Andrew Garfield. Garfield is categorically against spoilers and doesn’t understand why some people seem to actively seek them out. As far as he’s concerned no-one should ever need spoilers. Ever.

“I’m confused by why people want to know what’s happening before it’s happening. I don’t want to show any footage of the movie to anyone. I just want people to experience the story and be surprised by it. That would be my marketing method,” he says.

That’s all well and good Andrew, but perhaps it’s Sony who are the biggest culprits hey? They’ve been content showing people as much of the film and ruining as much of the surprises as possible, and that’s their ‘marketing method’.

In fact Garfield’s entire marketing and promotional campaign would be ““It would be like, ‘This movie is coming out. Come see a Spider-Man movie.’ That’s pretty much it.” Now I think someone should give this man a job promoting future Spider-Man films as I feel had I not seen the majority of the film’s key moments I would have enjoyed it more.  But alas whilst Garfield hates spoilers, Sony don’t and I’m still utterly conflicted.

Now I’m worried this article has a spoiler in it. arrgghh….

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