Batman Vs Superman Casting Draws Thousands


The Michigan Film Office recently posted an open casting call for clean cut military and law enforcement types and business executives in suits for Batman Vs Superman, according to Not surprisingly, the turnout was good for the economically beleaguered city of Detroit. What was surprising, however, is the number of people who showed up.

According to the Detroit Free Press, try outs were epic.

"After representatives cut off the line for tryouts Sunday, Maryellen Aviano, a Warner Bros. casting coordinator, said she had seen about 3,800 people.“It’s gone better than expected,” she said. “We’re glad to be here on a spring day, even though it is still cold outside. I am shocked at all the people that are applying for jobs that maybe already have one. It could backfire on one or the other of us. But we’ll hope for the best.”About 8,500 people will be cast for various roles in the film."

That’s a pretty crazy number, but frankly Detroit needs it. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the start of production on this film, so let’s hope it lives up to the hype.