The MLB and Spider-Man Connection


Spider-Man stops a Doom-Bot from taking Jeff Conine from the Florida Marlins. In this promotional comic given out at a Marlins game in the 90’s

When April comes around two of my favorite things start up, baseball and blockbuster movie season.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie comes out this Friday, but did you know that both the cast and the comic have connections to MLB?

Paul Giamatti (Rhino) is the son of A. Bartlett Giamatti who was President of the NL from 1986-1989 and Commissioner of Baseball in 1989. Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben) is the father of Charlie Sheen, who starred as “Wild Thing” in Major League and Major League II, and was Oscar Felsch in Eight Men Out. The comic character Spider-Man also has baseball connections. He has teamed up with the Expos to defeat Green Goblin, Billy the Marlin to save Jeff Conine, and got married at Shea Stadium. In Amazing Spider-Man issue 665, Peter gave his Aunt May a Red Sox hat to wear in the middle of Queens, NY! Lucky for her no one dares to mess with Spider-Man’s family, even if they are in Boston regalia.

Most people already idolize Spider-Man but now there’s even more reason for baseball fans to do so too! Enjoy the movie!

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