Real-life Spider-Man does a flip whilst wall-climbing


Spider-Man can do stuff like this because he’s super-powered…

There are a lot of ‘real-life’ Spider-Man claims out there. Usually it’s someone doing something perfectly average and normal like abseiling down a tall building, but just because they’re dressed like Spider-Man they get called a ‘real-life’ Spider-Man. (I’m aware abseiling down tall buildings isn’t necessarily normal.)

However I feel that this guy kind of deserves the association with everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man following this incredible wall-climbing video. Honestly this guy climbs this wall with a lot more control and grace than a lot of people do getting out of bed in the morning. Don’t even get me started on the awesome spinning flip thing he does whilst climbing the wall

Okay so sure it’s something he’s done time after time if those climbing chalk marks are anything to go by, and sure he’s missing that leap twice for show just to sell that flip moment (which he then uses to reach for a mark lower down) but this guy scales that wall in what, 30 seconds?

I couldn’t do that.

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