Really cool infographic showing Spidey’s suit over the years


Part of the Spidey suit infographic showing the classic Spidey-suit

Spider-Man has changed a lot over the years, well at least in terms of the suit he wears. We all know that he’s had a varied supply of Spidey costumes, all apparently being kept in a very small closet, from the original blue and red Spidey suit everyone recognises, to the black symbiote influenced suit, to the really random ones like the Spider-Man 2099 suit. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Which is the this infographic made by Kate Willeart and edited by Marlon Heimerl for showing Spider-Man’s suit and how it’s changed over the years is really cool! There’s not much else more that needs saying, just take a look at the picture below. I think it’s awesome as I had completely forgotten that Spidey used to have armpit webbing.

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