Spider-Man: Who Am I? writer Joshua Fialkov says ‘He’s a guy that can’t ever win’


Spider-Man: Who Am I? writer discusses the project

As part of the return of Amazing Spider-Man, there will be a tie-in series entitled Spider-Man: Who Am I? This comic storyline will explore Spider-Man’s memory loss following Doctor Octopus’ occupancy of his body, having effectively removed most of Peter Parker’s memories.

Marvel’s Infinite Comics format will be releasing five of these  instalments on May 6th and will eventually release 13 parts throughout the summer. Joshua Fialkov who has previously written ‘The Bunker’ and ‘Ultimate FF’ has been tasked with writing the 13 part storyline and he recently discussed ‘Who Am I?’ at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).

"“Spider-Man opens his eyes and has no memory of who he is, where he is, or, most importantly, why he’s robbing a bank,” Fialkov teased. “He has to figure out who he is and why he’s wearing long underpants on the outside of his clothes. All while not getting, y’know, killed by the goons he’s robbing banks with. He finds out, in the process of the first installment, that he’s Spider-Man. According to the Daily Bugle, of course, Spider-Man is reportedly a menace, a bad guy. At this point he has no choice but to continue along with the scheme.”"

This is quite an interesting retcon for Spider-Man as Fialkov explains, the struggle between good and bad will be just as much a problem for Peter Parker as it was for Doctor Octopus when he was Spider-Man as Spidey’s loss of memories mean that he can’t even remember Uncle Ben’s iconic ‘Great Power’ dialogue. However Fialkov has some idea who Spider-Man is.

"“Spider-Man, I think, at his very core, is a guy who can’t ever win,” Fialkov said. “He’s a guy who strives to be good—great even—but will always fall short. What makes him lovable is that it’s never for lack of trying. He’s always aspiring to an impossible standard that he can’t live up to. That’s something that, I think, reverberates with all of us.”"

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