Image Comics Humble Bundle Lets You Pay Your Own Price To Support CBLDF


If someone told you that you could grab the first volume of multiple popular Image Comics series in digital form with no DRM restrictions, could pay whatever you felt like they were worth, and that part of the proceeds would go toward the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, you’d probably at least check it out, right?

I’m telling you that now. The folks at Humble Bundle have teamed up with Image to do exactly what I just described in that opening sentence, and it’s going on right now. The Humble Image Comics Bundle can net you up to nine digital volumes depending on what you opt to pay, and you can even choose how your monies are divvied up between Image, the CBLDF and Humble.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Pay any amount and you receive the first volumes of East of West, Fatale, Lazarus and Morning Glories.
  • Choose to pay more than the average amount for all participants so far (currently $7.18) and you also nab Volume 1 of Saga, Revival and Chew.
  • If you decide to fork over $15 or more, your bundle will also include Vol. 1 and Vol. 20 of a little under-the-radar book called The Walking Dead.

Since all nine books would usually set you back a combined $86 in digital form, you don’t need me to tell you this is a ridiculously good deal. For more details, watch this video and prepare to become a bundle owner.