Jamie Foxx’s best time in Amazing Spider-Man 2 was as Max Dillon


Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon

Jamie Foxx is a certified super-star, he really is. He’s done music, he’s done films, he’s won Oscars. Which is probably why some of his favourite moments of filming in Amazing Spider-Man 2 were as the nerdy, downtrodden, down-on-his-luck, social outcast was was Max Dillon.

Those that have seen the film will know that the confident and outgoing Jamie Foxx has really turned on his inner insecurities to recreate Max Dillon a bumbling electrical engineer who’s just trying to get noticed and it’s hard not to feel a twinge of guilt for how his character’s treated throughout almost the whole film, even when he’s Electro he’s bullied and tortured.

However Jamie clearly got some enjoyment out of it as he tells Cinemablend in an interview “I think some of the fun scenes, were a couple. Being Max, you know walking down the streets of New York with the bold head and the combover, people looking at me like ‘Jamie Foxx is having a hard time’, it’s terrible he’s off his game, look at him’

He also said that “Working with Dane, what’s great about our business is that young guys can come up, young talented guys. To watch him come into his own, to watch him really take the character and make it something special you can see in the future that he’s going to be a star”

You can see the video of the question and answer from Cinemblend here

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