Learn The Truth About The Murdock Family In Daredevil #6


Matt Murdock, better known to the world at large as Daredevil, grew up in an atypical one-parent home: his father was around, but his mother was not, having left them as a baby. Matt discovered his mom was living as a nun later in his life, but the details of what went down have gone untold. If only there was a Marvel event that dealt with secrets being revealed …

Ah, that’s right, Original Sin. That story impacts Murdock in a very personal way in Daredevil #6, which goes on sale in July. Writer Mark Waid and artist Javier Rodriguez team to present the story of just why Matt’s mother left the men in her life, and as you might expect, it’s one that could bring trouble to the Man Without Fear.

“Matt learns something very startling about his mother in the Original Sin limited series that he’s compelled to investigate, but there’s a reason he can’t just ask her directly and end the story on page five,” Waid said in an interview with Marvel.com. “All I can say about her current situation is that Matt will never be more regretful that he’s no longer licensed to practice law in New York State…”

As hooks go, that seems like a good one. Less than three months until this particular secret is exposed.