Stan Lee cameos in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game


Stan Lee in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Marvel comics creator Stan Lee is perhaps most notable now for his various cameos in the Marvel cinematic universe. He’s popped up in so many films over the years from the Fantastic Four, to Captain America to Spider-Man. However he also appears in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game.

That’s right, a video of the end of the game has been posted online and the pre-credits cinematic scene features Peter Parker talking to none other than Stan Lee, and the Generalissimo owns his own comic book store called ‘Comic Stan’. The scene is rather lengthy and features the two mainly talking about Uncle Ben, with Stan convincing Peter to move on following his uncle’s death.

You can see the scene in this video here! I will warn you though that this video also reveals the final boss for the game. And if you sit through all of the post-game credits (After the Stan Lee scene) you’ll also stumble across a scene featuring Kingpin that reveals another surprising villain. Dont say I didn’t warn you!

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