“It’s About Time” – Storm Soars Into Her Own Solo Title In July


The quote in the headline is from Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso, but it’s no doubt being echoed by many comic fans when it comes to Storm getting her own solo book. She’s getting exactly that in July, when Storm #1 presents the adventures of the weather-controlling mutant hero as written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Victor Ibanez.

While the creators aren’t spilling the beans on exactly what to expect, Pak does say that she’ll be meeting challenges head-on.

“If you tell Storm she can’t go somewhere, that’s exactly where she’s going to go,” Pak said in an interview with Marvel.com. “She’s got an incredibly strong sense of justice and empathy earned through years of hard experience. And her empathy isn’t limited to whatever group she’s standing with at the moment. Storm will do the right thing–as she sees it–without apology. That’s incredibly strong–and potentially very costly for her.”

Storm has had a set of experiences like few other heroes, from her humble beginning in Cairo to being worshipped as a goddess to sitting beside Black Panther as queen of Wakanda. She’s led X-Men and Morlocks, been de-powered and de-aged, and she’s come through it all with style — including rocking a mohawk, which looks like it’s back in effect for this series.

Or as Marvel puts it, “You cannot stop a force of nature. She is Storm, a hero with no equal…and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake! Get swept up as Storm #1 thunders into comic shops this July!”