New Era Amazing Spider-Man hats now available.


New Era Amazing Spider-Man hats

Our sister site Bam Smack Pow has stumbled upon some delightfully suitable threads. And by threads I mean hats. If you were planning to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 but didn’t know what to wear on your head then you’re in a dilemma no more! With these new Amazing Spider-Man caps from New Era. Or you might just generally want a new hat…

On the left is the Marvel Character Face 59Fifty for fans of fitted hats at a suggested price of $49.99. And on the right is the Marvel Hero Viza Fill 9Fifty snapback and It’s the cheaper of the two options at $29.99. As you can see it basically boils down to one being Spidey’s face and the other being Spidey’s logo.

The hats are available online at the New Era site and at Lids.

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