Who’s in the Justice League Movie Part 3


The first two parts of this series covered who is definitely on the Justice League roster and who might be. Now we’re going to talk a bit about  the long-shots of membership. There are plenty of characters that have either been in some incarnation in the League or have played supporting roles that, barring easter egg type cameos, have little chance to appear in the upcoming film. Here are a few, with character profiles from Wikipedia and DCComics.com.

The Unlikely:

"HawkmanOriginally hailing from the planet Thanagar, Hawkman is the world’s fiercest attacker and one of its most feared warriors. With his wings and his trusty mace, Hawkman patrols the skies with a savage intensity. His weapons and artificial wings both are forged from the mysterious Nth metal, which can only found on his home planet. They grant him the power of flight as well as enhanced strength and healing.This is a pick I find unlikely, but admittedly, its debatable. He’s one of the most recognizable of this group. He’d make a visually stunning character and set up some crazy action sequences, but his convoluted back story and even more aliens to explain, I doubt we see him in it. It’s possible that they take the Justice League Unlimited approach and add Hawkgirl to boost the female presence, but I don’t know if I see that, either.  Red TornadoThe character is an android created by the supervillainT. O. Morrow for the purpose of infiltrating the Justice Society of America. Red Tornado is a highly intelligent android possessing superior strength and durability, and capable of creating bursts of cyclone-force winds that enable flight, enhanced speed and the creation of storms. The character can also access information from any foreign computer system. Red Tornado was upgraded and provided with a new body composed of microscopic nanites and now possesses the ability to change from android to human form at will.While the DC fanboy in me would love to see Tornado in a JLA movie, I seriously doubt it. His android abilities would be superfluous with the addition of Cyborg, and with Superman’s powers, I doubt he would be included just to make a cyclone.  Speedy/Arsenal/SpeedySpeedy(Roy Harper) is the long-time sidekick of Green Arrow and former member of the Teen Titans. Harper possesses no superhuman attributes, but he is extremely adept at the use of the bow and arrow, as well as a wide array of weaponry. He also has the ability to take virtually any object and use it in combat as an effective weapon. Harper is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and he possesses keen analytical and detective skills. In the Arrow television series, Roy Harper is injected with the Mirakuru drug, which gives him superhuman strength, reflexes and fast healing capabilities.When Brad Meltzer took over the reigns of JLA in the mid 2000’s, he opted to use the former Green Arrow sidekick in a more grown up role. While I like Red Arrow, he faces quite a few hurdles in making it onto the big screen. Not only is he featured in Arrow but he’s pretty unnecessary if Green Arrow is included.   Animal ManBuddy Baker was granted the ability to tap into “the Red”, which is the metaphysical web that ties all animal life together. This gives him the ability to mimic any animal’s skills proportionally. Baker was a member of the Justice League Europe during Grant Morrison’s run and has made sporadic appearances throughout the years.Personally, Animal Man is one of my all-time favorite DC characters and I would die to see him on the big screen. His powers would be unique and fun to see. However, he’s likely too obscure for the main stream audience and too much a cult favorite for hardcore fans to use as a side character. Chances are, unless this is a random cameo, you won’t see Buddy Baker in the film."

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