Batman Fanart of the Week: Full Moon and Bats


Welcome readers to another Batman Fanart of the Week! This week’s fanart simply titled ‘Batman’ by  Deviantart user Leila Leiz, is a stunning piece of Batman in action against a backdrop of a cloud of bats and a full moon.

Leila’s Batman fanart is beautiful! Look at the way she has captured him in motion, almost as if she caught him mid-swing from the roof of a building, maybe he’s just about to drop on an unsuspecting criminal. Honestly if I hadn’t found this drawing while hunting for fanart to share here on Caped Crusades I wouldn’t have believed it was fanart. It looks ripped right from a panel of a graphic novel, Leila’s art is amazing!

You can see more of Leila’s beautiful art on I want to thank Leila Leiz for allowing me to share her awesome art with my Caped Crusades readers! Be sure to visit Caped Crusades next week for more Batman fanart!

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