Batman Trivia: Damian Wayne and Tim Seeley


It’s time for another Batman Trivia of the Day! Last time I asked for the name of Damian Wayne’s creator and his first appearance in comics. I also asked for the name of the child who voices him in ‘Son of Batman’. The original concept for Damian Wayne came from Mike W. Barr, and his current incarnation is the work or Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert. He first appeared in comics as we know him Batman #655, though the Mike W. Barr version was a nameless infant in 1987 Batman: Son of the Demon. Damian Wayne was voiced by Stuart Allen in ‘Son of Batman’.

Today’s Batman Trivia of the Day will be a question about comic book artist and writer, Tim Seeley. Seeley is a member of the creative team working on the weekly Batman comic Batman: Eternal. Other than Batman Eternal, What DC titles has Tim Seeley worked on?

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