This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!


As someone who has worked in two separate comic book stores, I can tell you that Free Comic Book Day is a great excuse for you to get out and support your local store. If you are a hardcore reader already, then it will just be another Saturday. But if you haven’t visited your friendly neighborhood shop lately or are looking to jump in to the comic world, Free Comic Book Day is an easy way to get involved. It’s not intimidating, it’s not inaccessible, it’s a great way to bring everyone into the fold. Check out this video:

Here’s a little of what you can expect in the Batman vein:

"THE NEW 52 FUTURES END FCBD SPECIAL EDITION kicks off our newest weekly series and officially introduces Terry McGinnis (AKA Batman Beyond) into DC Universe continuity. While our second offering, TEEN TITANS GO #1 FCBD SPECIAL EDITION, is based on the mega-popular Cartoon Network animated series and is perfect for our younger fans."

For more on these and to find your local participant in Free Comic Book day, check out DC’s official page here.