Despite the first Avengers movie making obscene amounts of money, i..."/> Despite the first Avengers movie making obscene amounts of money, i..."/>

Which Developer Wants To Make A Good Avengers Video Game?


Despite the first Avengers movie making obscene amounts of money, it sounds like we didn’t get a video game based on it because Marvel was afraid someone would screw it up. In fact, the head of the games division, TQ Jefferson, recently told IGN that bad experiences with movie adaptation games during Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe made the company hesitant to try again.

“Absolutely, absolutely. We got a bloody nose on both of those,” Jefferson said when asked about games based on the first Thor and Captain America films.

While nobody wants to see another game rushed out just to cash in on the popularity of the movies, the good news is that Marvel seems open to the idea of an Avengers game if the right studio would just step up and tackle it. With that in mind, here are a few developers who would probably succeed in not disappointing Marvel if they got the call:

Rocksteady Games

Rocksteady has already knocked super hero fare out of the park with the Arkham games, and the next one will be its last. The team there managed to delve into the various facets of Batman (combat, detective skills, etc.) with expert skill, so it should be able to bring the different abilities of the Avengers to the forefront and make them all shine.


Yes, some of the bloom is off the BioWare rose, and not every game the studio releases is guaranteed to be a smash. It’s also part of the EA behemoth, something that automatically turns off some people. That being said, BioWare has shown a deft touch with big IPs in the past (especially with the first Knights of the Old Republic) and would no doubt pull out all the stops if tasked with creating an Avengers game.


Fancy an Avengers title with more role-playing game elements? Bethesda knows RPGs, proving it with the Elder Scrolls games and Fallout 3. Those titles have plenty of action too, so the dynamic nature of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would still come through.

TT Games

This one’s a little more out there, but since these folks already have experience with the Marvel universe with the well-regarded Lego Marvel Super Heroes, why not let them take a crack at the real thing? TT would bring the right mix of adventure and humor to the table, something that would definitely be faithful to the Avengers movie.

(via Comic Book Resources)