Whatever a Spider Can’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 recap


Amazing Spider-Man #1

Hey guys, so Amazing Spider-Man #1 is out and apart from being my first foray into the world of comic books for quite some time it’s also a spectacular issue. That’s because the issue is heralding a new era of for Spider-Man and the huge comic book sets up pretty much everything we can expect going forward.

Before we focus on the main story of Peter Parker’s return we’re given a short two page Original Sin teaser for a big upcoming storyline involving Peter Parker, that radioactive spider and a fellow mystery female spider-bite victim. Now these two pages were released with the previews  and we’ve since learnt that the mystery female in question will eventually become super-powered female character Silk

Amazing Spider-Man ‘Lucky to be Alive’

But lets focus on the main story first! Peter Parker is back after finally wrestling control of his body from Doctor Octopus. (I will read the Superior Spider-Man issues as soon as my local comic book store gets more Volume 1’s).  First of all we’re introduced to what transpires to be a group of fairly low-key villains that call themselves the Menagerie who are robbing Faberge eggs from an auction house.

Naturally this group of easily beaten villains are the perfect way to reintroduce a wise-cracking Peter Parker, full of jokes like “No squished babies, not on my first day” and “That’s what you get … For putting all your Faberge eggs in one basket”. We’re then treated to the fantastic image of a naked Spider-Man wearing only a mask and webbing pants.

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Then there’s a mini-flash back reintroducing some of the major characters in Peter Parker’s universe like Sajani, J. Jonah Jameson Sr,  Aunt May and Anna Maria. We’re also given a small glimpse of Electro destroying Conway Penitentiary and another neat shot of the Avenger’s cleaning up the New York mayor’s Spider-Slayers. Speaking of J. Jonah Jameson we see him in a drunken state following his resignation as Mayor.

Peter then quickly finds out he owns a company, is a doctor, and that his employees are scared of him before discovering several spider-suits and then partakes in a bout of web-slinging that eventually leads to the clash with Hippo, Panda, White Rabbit and Gypsy Moth, sorry Skein, aka the Menagerie.

Skein/Gypsy Moth proceeds to use her powers to destroy Peter’s clothes rendering him naked from the mask down  leading to another hilarious cut-scene featuring the Avengers being sure that Peter is back as ‘That could only happen to him’ as Spider-Woman puts it, Johnny Storm laughing in a bar and Mary Jane calling him an idiot.

Peter then slings back to his apartment then discovers that not only does he live with, and is going out with  Anna Maria, but that she has discovered that he’s Spider-Man thanks to his naked escapades.

We’re then treated to several short introductions to the Amazing Spider-Man #1 tie-in issues. We’re given Electro and Black Cat’s incentives to take on Spider-Man again with Electro destroying a prison to prove he’s still ‘got it’ and Black Cat mulling over Peter/Doc Ock’s betrayal and exposure of her secret-identity. We also see what Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider are up to, as well as the origin of Clayton Cole from the Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl origin.

So basically it looks like I’m going to need to get many more comic books.

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