Amazing Spider-Man 2’s star-sign Easter-egg


Jamie Foxx and BJ Novak’s confrontation may contain a hidden Easter egg

Everyone remember that comical scene where Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon internally loses it at Alistair Smythe after BJ Novak’s future bad guy says that he’s Spider-Man. In that moment Foxx says “You’re no Spider-Man, he’s a Leo, you’re a Sagittarius” in a humorous nod to Fan-boy obsessiveness.

However there may be more to that comment than meets the eye as this looks like another carefully placed Easter egg from Marc Webb. That’s because Spider-Man first appeared in August 1962 which would make Spidey a leo and the character of Alistair Smythe first debuted in November 1985 which would, of course, make him a Sagittarius.

So it would seem that even with a harmless piece of dialogue that almost no-one would have noticed Marc Webb has shoe-horned in a Easter egg referring to the character’s comic book debuts. Fair play Webb, fair play.

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