Superior Spider-Man suit perks revealed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game


Superior Spider-Man from the comic books

We already knew that each of the in-game playable suits for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game comes with their own set of in-game perks that make Spider-Man’s job just that little bit easier. We already know the perks for all of the Web Threads pre-order bonus, which features the Cosmic suitIron SuitNoir Suit and Black Suit. But now The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game Facebook page is starting to release some of the in-game unlockable suits and their perks.

Rather aptly the first one to be released is the Superior Spider-Man suit which was worn during Doctor Octopus’ reign as Spider-Man in the Superior Spider-Man comic book arc. Whilst Peter Parker is now back and has returned to a more classic Spidey look the Superior Suit will be remembered with the brutality and harsh measures that Doc Ock’s Spidey took to bring down crime.

The Superior Spider-Suit in-game perks.

"CRITICAL RATE: Makes it easier for Spider-Man to pull off critical hits on enemies.DAMAGE: Increases the damage caused by Spider-Man’s melee attacks.CRITICAL DAMAGE: Increases the damage caused by Spider-Man when he executes a critical hit."

So there you go guys, I’ll be sure to keep you updated as more and more of the in-game suit perks get released. Until then play the game, get the suits for yourself, it’s fun I promise.

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