Amazing Spider-Man 2 gameplay walkthrough diary: Day 1


Whatever a Spider Can’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 walkthrough diary

Wonky Web-Slinging and Burning Spiders

So, I finally got a semi-prolonged amount of time to take on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game yesterday and whilst I didn’t get particularly far storyline-wise it was great fun! So here’s my Gameplay diary of what I got up to when in control of Spider-Man and patrolling the city of New York.

The start of the game is the infamous Uncle Ben death scene although the important speech gets skipped over. Instead you get to walk as Peter Parker for far too long an amount of time before the game will let you run for a brief moment. Fast forward two years and you’re Spider-Man kicking ass one group of thugs at a time.

Initially the web-slinging controls whilst pretty nifty were hard to get a grasp of and I still struggle to seamlessly travel around New York like Spider-Man actually does. Instead I can get a relatively long run of slinging going before I career into a building and then I ultimately end up just running up it.

The first taste of combat is with a gang, where one of the members may or may not be your uncle’s killer. You easily take them down using evasive roles/counters and simple strikes and then you’re sent on your merry way to another place. This time there’s two gangs, more thugs to beat-up and a little side-mission of securing ammo-crates.

After learning about Web Rush and Spider-Sense and web-slinging to disarm, or slow down enemies, we meet our first iconic villain of the game, in civilian form! Herman Schultz who is very easily taken down and then reveals that you’re looking for a guy named Carradine as Uncle Ben’s killer, obviously.

So that’s the introduction to gameplay out of the way, now you can really start to explore the free-roam sandbox style world of New York, but first you need to arbitrarily disable three jammers that stop you from hacking a satellite. It’s entirely pointless and there’s no resistance but once you’ve done it options show up on your mini-map.

There’s the main storyline location, but there were also several side locations you can visit. These are the petty-crimes, or photo investigations. As it was my first time playing I thought it’d be cool to do all the side-missions so I did. They’re all pretty similar, you beat up some thugs or you take a picture of some evidence and your heroic metre goes up (not that it matters at this point in the game).

Whilst out and about doing the side-missions I found three comic book pages out in the open world, I can’t really remember where I found them, but one of them was on the right of Central Park. These are just some of the collectibles that are available throughout the game, as you can also get audio-logs and Spidey costumes. When you’re near a comic-book you get a prompt to web-rush to it pop up briefly so a few moments searching around and you usually find it.

After beating up some carjackers and muggers I decided to head back to the main-storyline and found myself up against another gang of thugs, once again moving some weapons around. This time however they set fire to a building and take off, forcing you to save the citizens inside. I actually died the first time I did this because I got lost in the building and Spidey’s suit isn’t as fire-proof as I’d have liked.

However on my second attempt I successfully navigated my way through the burning building, smashing down doors, turned blue by Spidey-sense, and rescued the one civilian that was apparently in that building (or at least the most important civilian). It turns out that the man you’ve rescued is none other than Stan Lee making a cameo as a NPC in the game.

Following the fire rescue you can visit Stan’s comic-book store and he tells you about how sorry he is that Uncle Ben died, and then introduces you to the comic-book stores purpose. It allows you to read comics providing you’ve collected the right pages and you also collect a figurine every time you meet someone new. Other than that Stan isn’t much use.

I called it a day after this because some friends were coming round for dinner. I’ll hopefully get some time in the next few days to carry on playing and then I’ll continue WASC’s gameplay diary! So far so good though, sure the graphics aren’t super-realistic and the controls are a bit clunky to handle but so far it’s a fun little Spider-Man games that’s pretty much the same as the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum.

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