Dane DeHaan reveals alternative Green Goblin transformation scene


Dane DeHaan transforms into Green Goblin

Dane DeHaan was a great Harry Osborn and the jury is still out on how good a Green Goblin he is, but only because he was Spider-Man’s biggest villain for such a brief moment of the film, not because he was pants. However perhaps his most defining scene as Green Goblin was right at the start during his transformation.

Harry had been struggling with the issue of time as his was literally running out due to a genetic disease he’d just seen his father die of. In an act of desperation he holds Donald Menken hostage and forces him inject the Spider-venom into his arm. What follows is an excruciating scene showing Harry’s ears, nails, teeth and skin transform as he’s slowly becoming the Green Goblin. It transpires however that this scene was a toned-down version, and that several darker moments of Harry’s transformation were left out.

In an interview with thedailybeast.com Dane mentioned that there was a lot more to his Green Goblin origin moment. “There was a shot of my teeth growing and then I shatter them, and then there was my nails growing. Maybe we’ll see it in the director’s cut.” So yeah, teeth shattering may not have made it into the film, but hopefully it will make it into the director’s cut. Hopefully there’s a director’s cut.

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