Emma Stone says that Gwen Stacy could be in Amazing Spider-Man 3


Gwen Stacy is as shocked as I’d be if she were to return

Now, I don’t know how long you need to wait after a film until  it’s okay to talk about some of the major moments in a film and I’m really struggling with Amazing Spider-Man 2. Basically something big happened and I don’t want to ruin it for you guys so please stop reading, go and watch it right now, and then come back and carry on reading.

But for those of you still here, you’ll know that the headline ‘Emma Stone says that Gwen Stacy could be in Amazing Spider-Man 3’ is head-scratchingly perplexing at best and sheer ‘WHAT?’ inducing at worst. How on earth is Emma Stone going to reprise her character following that “scholarship to Europe”. And by “scholarship to Europe” I mean fall to her death.

However in a recent interview with Screen-Rant, the lip-syncing queen, managed to tease that perhaps this isn’t the end for Gwen Stacy’s appearances in the Sony Spider-Man universe. When asked if it was the last time she’ll be working with Dane DeHaan, Andrew Garfield and co she replied “I don’t know… is it?” before adding “There could be a—I don’t know, there’s a whole plotline that could happen that may bring her back.”

Of course Emma is talking about the much-derided Clone saga which saw Miles Warren cloning both Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey in order to get revenge on Peter Parker, who he falsely/correctly blamed for Gwen’s death, as the crazed biology professor had a ‘thing’ for her. So yeah, there’s a precedent for Marvel bringing people back from the dead in bizarre circumstances, and there’s a precedent for specifically bringing Gwen Stacy back from the dead.

Here’s a video of the interview, in which Emma discusses a wide range of other things, as well as her potential return

Or they could go the whole Captain Stacy route and have the ghosts of the Stacy family haunting Peter like the ghosts of superhero past and present. I wouldn’t mind this method, although with Captain Stacy’s ghost appearing several times in Amazing Spider-Man 2 the trope of haunting ghost reminding hero of consequences would be a bit overdone.

The big question is, would I like to see Gwen Stacy in the future Amazing Spider-Man films? Honestly I wouldn’t. But when it comes to Emma Stone, I’m always happy to see more of her. Perhaps there’s some merit to the idea of making Emma Stone ginger again and using her as Mary Jane as well.

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