World War Wendigo Begins In Amazing X-Men #8


Trips to Canada are usually pretty cool. Then again, I’ve never gone across the border and run into a bunch of super strong, fur-covered carnivores before.

That’s what awaits the X-Men in Amazing X-Men #8, when Wolverine and company go to Canada looking for a friend and end up crossing paths with Wendigo. Actually, make that a whole group of Wendigos. The big white beast is bad enough on its own, so it might take some assistance from Alpha Flight to ensure they make it through the encounter. And considering the story arc is called “World War Wendigo,” there’s a good chance it’s not going to be contained in one issue.

Only the new creative team of writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost and artist Ed McGuinness know for sure, and they’re not saying for now. The only way to find out is to grab Amazing X-Men #8 when it goes on sale on June 4, though you can check out several pages of McGuinness’ art below.


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