Batman Book Review: Batman Science


It’s time for another Batman Book Review! This month I am reviewing a non-fiction title ‘Batman Science, The Real World Science Behind Batman’s Gear’ by Agnieszka Biskup and Tammy Enz. ‘Batman Science’ was written for children, and gives us a look at the real world tech that Batman’s gadgets and vehicles are based on or are similar to.

‘Batman Science’ was a fairly easy and quick read, as it was written for children to understand. It’s very well written and does a great job describing the technology in an easy to digest way.  I would like to see an undated version in a few years highlighting the latest advancements in technology and newest Batman gear.

I thought it was quite interesting to see how much of Batman’s tech is based on real world technology. Most of Batman’s technology is either based on real world technology or is currently being investigated for its real world potential. For example, Batman’s grapnel gun technology does not exist in the real world but we do have some similar tech. Grappling hooks have been around for years but there are no guns to shoot a grappling hooks. Batman’s grapnel gun also gives Batman the ability to ascend the line of his grappling hook and take off in the air. In 2005 a group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created the Atlas Power Ascender, a battery powered rope ascender. We are getting closer to having the technology Batman has had for years.

I do recommend that every Batman fan interested in Batman’s tech read this book, it’s a fun read. Check back with Caped Crusades for my next Batman Book Review, a novel call The Batman Murders by Craig Shaw Gardner.

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