Marc Webb talks Venom, Carnage, Sinister Six, Black Cat and The Gentleman


Marc Webb discusses Carnage, Venom, Sinister Six and the Gentleman

The future for Spider-Man films is looking pretty rosy I must admit. As a Spider-Fan we’re looking at seeing cinematic versions of some of the most iconic Spider-Man characters which is something we probably flat-out wouldn’t get any other point in history than now. However there is still a lot of confusion, unknown elements and flat-out secrecy about the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off films the Sinister Six and Venom. recently sat down with Marc Webb and tried to valiantly coax out some semblance of knowledge or indication of what to expect for these films, but Webb gamely met them with blunt honest answers that didn’t really reveal too much, which was to be expected.

Here’s the video below.

A couple of things to highlight from that video. It seems like Rhino, Goblin, Vulture and Doctor Octopus are pretty much guaranteed for the Sinister Six when Marc says “There are certain fundamental almost iconic characters within the Sinister Six that you can’t mess around with. Ock being one of them, Vulture being one of them, Goblin being one of them.”

It also looks like they haven’t decided on the full Sinister Six line-up yet despite the hidden post-credits scene revealed by Shazam that shows a potential Sinister Six line-up. “There are other characters that we, honestly to be totally up-front, we’re still deliberating on figuring out exactly which ones match the theme, which ones can fit in in exactly with the universe that we’re trying to create”.

Also the interviewer asking if ‘The Gentleman’ was Mysterio or Chameleon were amusing!

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