Who’s cooler, Andrew Garfield or Spider-Man?


Who’s cooler Andrew Garfield or Spider-Man?

Earlier this week Whatever a Spider Can’s very own Andy Selgado wrote an article addressing the opinion that Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man film franchise has been ‘too cool’. In other words Andrew Garfield is too cool for Peter Parker.

Now, I will be the first to admit that after watching the first Amazing Spider-Man I thought that the character of Peter Parker was far too confident with the skateboard and the standing up to bullies and such. But in Amazing Spider-Man 2 we saw a vulnerable Peter struggling to deal with the consequences of who he is and I was sold on Garfield as Spider-Man.

However Garfield’s on-screen Gwen Stacy and off-screen real-life girlfriend Emma Stone has recently weighed in on the ‘Big Coolness Debate 2014’ by saying that her beau Andrew Garfield is cooler than Spider-Man. The actress was recently asked if she’d swap Andrew for Peter Parker if given the chance and she replied

“”I don’t think so. He’s always staring death in the eye. I think Andrew is cooler. He’s one of the most important people in my life!” So I guess that for Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man and she loves that, but she loves Andrew Garfield more! And to be fair to her he is a pretty cool guy, here’s a video of him performing the Spider-Man theme tune on Jimmy Fallon. 

So, do you think Andrew Garfield is cooler than Spider-Man, do you think his version of Peter Parker is too cool for Spider-Man and do you think any of this is cool?

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