Athena Finger’s Awesome Batman Tattoo!


Greetings Bat-fans, today I bring you another awesome Batman tattoo, this time on the ankle of non-other than Bill Finger’s granddaughter Athena Finger! Bill Finger is of course the uncredited co-creator of Batman, though fans like myself are aware of his contributions and are so thankful to him. I recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Athena at Wizard World St. Louis, and now I am psyched to share her awesome Batman tattoo with my Caped Crusades readers!

Athena got this awesome tattoo on her left ankle at a tattoo parlor called Addicted Tattoo, just four days ago on May 6th. Ms. Finger posted this photo of her tattoo on Twitter just after getting it, and gave me permission to post this article today.

This Batman tattoo is awesome for two reasons, it’s simplicity makes it beautiful. And of course it is awesome because it is a tribute to Bill Finger’s legacy. The image is of an original Batman logo used for the comics. Check out Caped Crusades’ other awesome Batman tattoo posts, my own Batman tattoo, and one based on Skip Harvey’s art.

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