Batman Vs Superman Batsuit Closeup: Cape and Cowl


Well, it’s official. No matter what you think about Ben Affleck as Batman, or what Zack Snyder might do with Batman Vs Superman, it’s happening. Now that Snyder has tweeted out the first official picture of the new Batsuit, the ball is rolling and commentary has begun.

So let’s take a closer look at what we’ve got.

They seem to borrowing heavily from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns look here. The short ears, the furrowed brow and the Bat symbol is a dead giveaway. The heavy leather cape and black/grey color scheme are like they came directly off the comic page. That’s a bit of a reversal from previous iterations on Batman on the big screen, as most recent films have tried to “interpret ” or “translate” the suit for a mainstream audience. I have to admit, this is pretty ballsy.