Zack Snyder Tweets First Photo of Ben Affleck in Batsuit


photo taken by Zack Snyder

As promised Caped Crusades brings you the first photo of the new Batmobile for ‘Batman vs. Superman’ with an awesome surprise bonus, our first look at Ben Affleck in his Batsuit! Zack Snyder tweeted this photo of Ben Affleck and the Batmobile sans tarp this morning. Here is Caped Crusades’ post from yesterday when Snyder teased the Batmobile with a photo of the vehicle mostly covered by at tarp.

I gotta say both the Batsuit and Batmobile look pretty sweet! After seeing this photo I have a little more hope for ‘Batman vs. Superman’ turning out well. Snyder’s team have done an excellent job with both the suit and the batmobile. Maybe it’s just me but I think they have managed to achieve an older (older than Christian Bales Batman anyway) and more jaded looking Batman here, which I believe is what they need for this movie.

I’ve always supported the decision to make Ben Affleck Batman, I don’t want to decide what I think of him as Batman until we see him in the role. We have yet to find, and may never find, the perfect man who looks like Bruce Wayne, looks good in the batsuit, and can also play both roles to perfection. So I say give every man cast as Batman a fair shot before deciding whether to criticize his casting. I thought Christian Bale did a decent job as Batman but I could never believe him as Bruce Wayne; when I saw Batman Begins my brain just kept screaming this is the guy from Newsies and Little Women, this is NOT Bruce Wayne. I guess I’m lucky I hadn’t seen American Psycho before seeing Batman Begins.

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