Harley Quinn is Awesome as a Medieval Court Jester!


Greetings Batman Fans! Check out this awesome drawing of Harley Quinn as a classic Harlequin I found on io9.com and had to share with Caped Crusades! Here is a little from the io9 article below:

"Concept artist Claire Hummel has been dressing Disney princesses in obsessively researched historical garb, but here she takes a break to imagine what the villainess Harley Quinn would look like as a real medieval fool."

Read the full io9 article, written by Lauren Davis, here. This artist, Claire Hummel is awesome, the attention to detail in Harley’s costume is intense, she did an awesome job on this look for Harley. Now if I can find someone really good at making cosplay costumes to make this for me for my next con!

In the io9 article you can also see another piece done by Claire of Harley Quinn as a queen from the time of Queen Elizabeth the First.

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