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Batman Beyond Universe Adds Phil Hester


Batman Beyond still lives–in comic form! The continuing adventures of Terry McGinnis and the entire DC Animated Universe is shifting into high gear under Christos Gage and Kyle Higgins and they recently sat down with Comic Book Resources about that and the upcoming addition of uber-cool artist Phil Hester.

"Something else that’s pretty exciting — which we’re announcing here — is that starting with chapter 25, “Batman Beyond 2.0” is going weekly. We’ll be diving into the missing year and showing what happened to split up Bruce and Terry. I think the cover for chapter 25 speaks for itself — it’s a big, emotional story with a flashback sequence that’s ridiculously chilling. I’ve spoken before about how much I love “Return Of The Joker” — that was a big inspiration for this next arc. This is the story I’ve been building towards for the last year, and the thing I pitched to DC in order to get the job in the first place. My whole run has been building toward it. I’m excited we’re finally able to talk about it!On the creative side, we’ve got two more announcements — Alec Siegel, one of my best friends and a super talented writer in his own right, is coming on board to co-write with me. With the weekly schedule, I wanted to bring on someone I trust to help me out. Alec and I are co-writing “C.O.W.L.” right now, and the DC Animated Universe has always been a favorite of his so it’s a great fit and I couldn’t be happier to have him.On the art side, I’m also pretty thrilled to announce that Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur are coming on for this next arc. I’ve been a big fan of Phil’s since his “Green Arrow” run, and always thought his style would fit so well with the Beyond Universe. And yeah, just wait until you see his Phantasm."

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