IGN’s 7 Reasons To be Excited for Gotham


Greetings Batman Fans! I found this excellent post on IGN about the seven reasons they are excited for Gotham, and thought I should share it here on Caped Crusades. They sum up quite nicely how awesome this show looks to be, I am very hopeful for Gotham, and because of that I am scared that Fox will cancel yet another awesome show.

See the original post, by Destin Legarie, here on IGN.com.

Destin says that the first reason IGN is excited for Gotham is the new version of Alfred; a former marine who is tougher than Alfred is usually portrayed, who is loving and very protective of young Bruce Wayne. I am also excited for Gotham as this will be the first time fans will have the opportunity to see Alfred raise Bruce. Never before has this been done. In every previous incarnation we see the origin and we understand that Alfred is there for him but we fast forward from the Waynes’ death to Bruce as a young adult training to be the Batman, usually in a foreign country, before he comes back to Gotham. I am so excited to see how Gotham will handle the telling of this previously unknown part of Bruce’s history.

IGN has noticed in teasers and trailers for Gotham the possibility of a relationship between Bruce and Selina Kyle long before they become the Bat and the Cat respectively. This is kind of intriguing to me as it would suggest that perhaps Bruce and Selina could be childhood sweethearts and maybe Batman and Catwoman will always know each other’s secret identity.

All in all the show is looking pretty awesome, and we here at Caped Crusades can’t wait to see the show. Be sure to keep up with Caped Crusades for more on Gotham and all your Batman news needs!

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