Where And When To See All The Super Hero And Comic Book-Related TV Shows This Fall


The network TV upfronts are over, and it’s going to be something of a Golden Age for shows based on super heroes and comic book characters. Only CBS is going into the new fall season without some tie to comics, and it doesn’t seem to need any since it can simply spin off CSI and NCIS series until the cows come home.

As a public service, we’ve gathered all of the channel and time information and summarized it here for you. Because we’re nice like that, and also because there are so many shows that you’ll want to watch at least some of them live and cut your hard-working DVR some slack.

In any case, here are all the super hero and comic book shows for the 2014-15 TV season:


8 pm – Gotham – Fox: Set during Bruce Wayne’s formative years — which as we know were different from pretty much anyone else’s — Gotham explores how the city got to be such a mess that a man dressed as a bat was needed to help clean it up. It’s from Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist, and stars Ben McKenzie as the man who would be commissioner, James Gordon, as he contends with crime, corruption, and the people who will turn into Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and more of Batman’s most famous villains.


8 pm – The Flash – The CW: Racing out of the second season of Arrow, this is the second attempt to bring Barry Allen to TV as the Fastest Man Alive. This time it’s Grant Gustin doing the honors, granted his speed during a freak storm that erupted from the explosion of a particle accelerator. Though it seems to be following the more grim set-up of the New 52 backstory for Allen, the first teaser at least hinted at a lighter tone, which would be doing the character justice, historically speaking.

9 pm – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (fall and spring), Agent Carter (mid-season) – ABC: For its second season, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. moves back an hour and is split into two parts. That’s not a move I’m generally fond of, but I’ll grant it an exception in this case since the break will give us time to see Agent Carter. Set in 1946, the series will follow the adventures of Hayley Atwell’s character from the Captain America movies, leading to, one would expect, the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D.


8 pm – Arrow – The CW: As one of The CW’s top-rated shows (which isn’t saying that much, I know), there wasn’t much to do except renew it and let it keep its same night and time. Oliver Queen will need a new villain after vanquishing Deathstroke in Season 2, but the finale proved there are still questions to be answered about his journey to become Arrow in the first place.


10 pm – Constantine – NBC: He won’t retain his smoking habit from the comics, but this show at least appears to be sticking closer to its source material than the Keanu Reeves film. For starters, John Constantine is British. He’ll be fighting demons and trying to make good on a promise to an old friend despite the fact that his soul is already damned. Not for kids, in other words!


iZombie – The CW: Based on a Vertigo series, this show will air as a mid-season replacement for one of the CW’s fallen. Place your bets now! Jokes aside, iZombie focuses on a med student bitten by a zombie who works for a coroner and finds she can see glimpses of a dead person’s final moments by eating their brain. Naturally, this can come in pretty handy for helping to figure out what killed them. Eat that CSI! Uh, pun intended, I guess.

Also don’t forget that The Walking Dead will shamble back onto AMC at some point, and Daredevil will lead off Marvel’s Netflix super hero initiative sometime in 2015. In other words, it’s a good time to love both comics and TV.