First Look at Harley Quinn in Arkham Knight


DC Comics has tweeted the first image of Harley Quinn in Arkham Knight, and she is looking beautiful. I have to wonder if, as Batman: Arkham Knight takes place a year after the Joker’s death in Arkham City, she is a momma now or if Rocksteady will pretend that Easter egg was never in the last game. It seems likely to me that Rocksteady put that positive pregnancy test in Arkham City for a reason and will be dealing with the fallout from that in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Rocksteady has always done, at least in my opinion, an excellent job with Harley Quinn, from the clothes she wears to the things she says, and I can’t wait to see what they do with her next. I think Harley will make one fierce mamma and I am betting she makes a much tougher criminal now in her grief. Harley Quinn in Arkham Knight is bound to be one sexy and vengeful clown.

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