Is Spider-Man back with Marvel?


All of the discussion about what to expect for the Amazing Spider-Man 3, Amazing Spider-Man 4 and the Spider-Man spin-off shows Venom and Sinister Six may be null and void if the latest rumour circulating the internet is anything to go by. Sony’s plan to have a Spider-Man film every year may be have been prematurely cut short if rumours suggesting that Marvel have reacquired Spider-Man are true.

It’s something that almost everyone has wanted at some point, the idea of seeing Spider-Man alongside Thor, or Hulk, or Iron Man in the Avengers is admittedly a tantalising one, but I’ll be quite perturbed if Marvel have reacquired the rights to the Wallcrawler I don’t think I can take another reboot or another Spider-Man origin film, even if the end result of Spider-Man in the Avengers is to happen.

But, onto the actual rumours themselves! They were started by a surprising source, one of Hollywood’s fastest up and coming screenwriters who wrote ‘Chronicle’ Max Landis.  Landis appeared to ‘let the cat out of the bag’ with some tweets that suggested that Sony have lost/sold Spider-Man’s rights. It’s not clear how true these tweets are, whether or not Landis is joking, or what’s going on.

Max Landis’ tweets revealing Spider-Man is Marvel’s via Bleeding Cool

It is possible that Sony might have made the decision to sell Spider-Man back to Marvel given that they’re struggling financially and have previously announced that there’s a chance that they could sell off their entire entertainment division but why on earth would Max Landis know about it if they have, and why would he tweet it and then.

As you can see Landis has written “crazy about Marvel getting Spider-Man back, that’s gonna be bonkers” followed by “…there’s a chance I wasn’t supposed to tweet that.” He then followed with “ha ha 5 months from now this is all going to be interesting.” These tweets have since been deleted, which could be an indication that they’re true. But Landis has also recently tweeted saying that he’s going to be Gambit so everything he says needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, or a handful of salt.

Either way this is certainly interesting.

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