Explore The Early Days Of Spider-Man In Amazing Spider-Man #1.2


Everyone loves a good retcon (not all retcons, mind you, only the good ones), but there’s another way to add new layers to a super hero’s early years: play around in the time between issues.

That’s what writer Dan Slott and artist Ramon Perez are doing with “Learning to Crawl,” a story that sees its second chapter hit stores and digital in June in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1.2. Not only does it take place between two iconic comics — Amazing Fantasy #15 and the original Amazing Spider-Man #1 — it introduces a brand new sonic-powered villain named Clash. Actually I guess he’s kind of an old villain, but you know what I mean.

In any case, we’ve got three of Perez’s pages below, and you can read the whole story from a time when Peter Parker was just discovering what it meant to be a true hero in Amazing Spider-Man #1.2 in just a few weeks.