Batman Fanfic of the Week: Two Robins


Welcome Caped Crusaders to another Batman Fanfic of the Week! It has been quite some time since we have posted a fanfiction to the site, and that is simply because it can be hard to find a story that is both good, and appropriate to share with our readers. But today I once again bring you a nice little story written by one of my favorite fanfic authors, Mithen, called Two Robins. Here is the summary for the story:

"Jason finds himself back in the Manor for the first time in years, watching the newest Robin pace."

Read Mithen’s short story Two Robins, here on Two Robins gives us a chance to see Jason and Damian, two members of the Batfamily who don’t normally spend time together, interacting. In the story Jason is a bit hesitant but a great big brother for Damian. This is a cute little story that I like quite a lot from a great fanfiction author, and if you are interested at all in Batman fanfiction I recommend you start with the writings of member Mithen.

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