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Birds Of Prey, Superboy, Four Other DC Titles To End In August


Cross four more of the original New 52 series off as of the end of the summer.

The release of DC’s August solicitations today has revealed that six ongoing titles will wrap up that month, including four that were part of the initial New 52 launch three years ago: Birds of Prey, Superboy, All-Star Western and Batwing. Issue 34 will be the end of the line for all of them.

Also calling it quits are two books that began their runs more recently, Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger, ending with issue #22, and Trinity of Sin: Pandora, which finishes with issue 14. According to Comic Book Resources, all six series were near the bottom of the DC lineup in terms of sales as of late, making their cancellations less than shocking.

Still, it’s always a bummer to see a female-starring team book like Birds of Prey go down, and the demise of All-Star Western continues the elimination of the genre diversity (meaning things other than just super hero titles) that the New 52 experimented with when it first started. In fact unless you count books like Swamp Thing, there’s virtually nothing left from the first wave of those books that doesn’t involve super heroes. At least those looking for something a little different can look forward to Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie, which kicks off in July.

Unless my math is wrong, this should leave 39 ongoing series on the DC slate come September after the various comings and goings, so if the company wants to get back to the magic number of 52 (and I’m saying it would or should), it still has plenty of room to launch more books.


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