Dawn French and Bear Grylls recreate iconic Spider-Man kiss


That upside-down kiss in the rain between Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maquire from Spider-Man may be one of Spider-Man’s iconic film moments but that doesn’t mean that it’s above being parodied and who better to do it then survival expert Bear Grylls and comedian Dawn French.

Dawn French and Bear Grylls recreate Spider-Man kiss on Graham Norton Show

The pair locked lips in classic Spidey pose sans pouring rain in tribute to Kirsten Dunst’s iconic 2002 moment when she was Mary Jane, as all three were guests on the UK talk show The Graham Norton show, obviously  hosted by Graham Norton. I’ve got to be honest they’ve done a pretty good job I can totally see Dawn French as Mary Jane. Bear Grylls as Spider-Man not so much!

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