Irrfan Khan to play villain in Amazing Spider-Man 3?


Irrfan Khan is a popular actor in India, as can be expected. His stint in Amazing Spider-Man as Dr. Rajit Ratha was relatively short with him only getting a small amount of screen-time and seemingly getting killed-off in a deleted scene showing the Lizard decapitating the doctor with his mouth.

With that in mind you’d fully expect the character to not be appearing again in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise however several online news websites are reporting that Irrfan Khan could be making a reappearance in the franchise as a potential villain. Which to me personally seems a bit bonkers.

Nevertheless an ‘insider’ is reporting “Irrfan and Marc Webb (director) share a great rapport ever since he worked in the first part. And although his role was a small one, Marc has been keen to work with Irrfan again. Things are yet to be finalised.” Irrfan Khan reportedly commented on the matter saying ““I don’t know about it. Their film is still in theatres. I think now they will finalise the script and decide other things.”

Again there’s no named source and no reason at all why Irrfan would be returning as his character is dead. It was also be horrendous continuity and casting if he were to return in the film as another character. Also which villain could he actually play? This entire story is rediculous and if Irrfan does in fact reappear in future films as a villain I’ll get a Spider-Man tattoo.

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