Petition for Amazing Spider-Man 2 director’s cut to be released


So, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was great, but it perhaps could’ve been greater. There were some notable scenes missing from the final cut of the film, scenes that we even saw in the trailer. For example we didn’t see the scene where Harry tells Peter that Oscorp have been spying on him, and we didn’t see the scene of Felicia looking on as Harry/Green Goblin rises on his glider.

And it’s for this reason that a petition has arisen online urging Spider-Fans, Webheads and True Believers worldwide to unite in order to cause Sony and Marc Webb to release the director’s cut of the film, presumably with the above missing scenes and possibly the alternative ending where Goblin snaps Gwen’s neck., included.

Now for those of you confused, the director’s cut is actually the third from last version of a movie. Marc Webb would have presented his final version of the film to an editor, who would have then made an editor’s cut. Then that version of the film will usually get given to the studio themselves and a final cut will be made. As a consequence of this the film that the editor wanted to show might be drastically different from the final product as the studio have cut scenes to make more money at the Box Office, either through illiciting a happier ending, removing abiguity or taking out violence or nudity that could affect the rating and reputation.

So, if you want to see the editor’s cut of the Amazing Spider-Man 2, untouched by Sony or an editor, so it would just be Marc Webb’s vision of the film then you’ll want to sign this petition. Just remember guys, that with great power comes great responsibility.

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